100 Days to Go

Poetry Challenge Day 265 (Sun Jun 26)

Only 100 days to go.
What have I gained?


All good things.
I’m better for having done this.
That is enough.

Question And Answer

Poetry Challenge Day 264 (Sat Jun 25)

How many poems can you write in a single day?
Answer: Three.

How many good poems can you write in a single day?
Answer: Open to debate.

In case you are missing the sardonic gene, I’m referring here to my own extraordinary poetry writing.


Poetry Challenge Day 263 (Fri Jun 24)

I sit alone on the deck
drinking a bottled water
(which I rarely do)
reading a book of poetry
(a very good one)
wishing I too could write poetry.
The cat lies on the chair next to me
a loyal follower.
At least I have one.
Not that I am seeking followers
(I’m not)
but the idea is a fascinating one.
When I think about that
I realize it would not be such a good thing
(to have followers)
too much responsibility,
not enough time to sit with the cat
and read good poetry.

It’s A Beautiful Day

Poetry Challenge Day 262 (Thu Jun 23)

It’s a beautiful day
I love the way the sun
is shining through the kitchen window.
I would like to capture
the feeling and sell it.
I would use the proceeds
to start a campaign to convince
the American people
that fake doctors and people with money
don’t make good candidates
for public office.

A Visual Tautology

Poetry Challenge Day 261 (Wed Jun 22)

Write a minimum
of three lines
every day.

Plutarch’s Lives

Poetry Challenge Day 260 (Tue Jun 21)

Everyone who wants to be educated
should read “Plutarch’s Lives.”

All of our Founding Fathers did. (It’s on my list… but I’m not quite there yet.) I wonder how many of our Congress People in Washington D.C. have? I would like to make that a poll question.


Poetry Challenge Day 259 (Mon Jun 20)

The demonization of Democrats
started with Ronald Reagan
and has reached its zenith
with Donald Trump.

Time will tell us if it has truly reached its zenity.


Poetry Challenge Day 258 (Sun Jun 19)

What happens
when men of virtue
are supplanted
by men of greed.

I supposed you would call this a thought problem. Of course this also applies to women.

Live Life

Poetry Challenge Day 257 (Sat Jun 18)

Live life
like you are riding your bicycle
across the country.

1. When you get up in the morning make your bed and stow your gear.
2. Eat breakfast, stretch, then get on your bike.
3. Keep pedaling and keep your eyes open.
4. Fix yourself a nice dinner.
5. Relax for awhile, read a good book, then get plenty of sleep.

A Three Line Poem in Four Lines

Poetry Challenge Day 256 (Fri Jun 17)

I believe life is a mystery.
We never know for sure what will happen next,
even if we plan.
That is the joy.


Poetry Challenge Day 255 (Thu Jun 16)

Smart people write every day.
I’m not smart because
I have to force myself to write every day
which results in stuff like this…

Irony: A humorous or sardonic literary style.
Sardonic: Disdainful or skeptical.
Skeptical: Probably what you should be…

Non Sequitur

Poetry Challenge Day 254 (Wed Jun 15)

Trump Pence 2020…
Trump Take Our Country Back…

Team Love…

I actually saw all four of these stickers on the same bumper…

Written after I tested positive for COVID. A perfect example of how fucked we are (the stickers, and the test result).

An Interesting Question

Poetry Challenge Day 253 (Tue Jun 14)

Writing poetry is hard.
(I’ve already discussed that below.)
I just want to add
this year of poetry does not feel
like my greatest accomplishment.

That raises the question:
How does one determine their greatest accomplishment?
The best I can do is recall the little things (and some big)
that have brought me to the place
where I find myself today.


Poetry Challenge Day 252 (Mon Jun 13)

Happiness comes from cats
not relationships.

If you’re lucky, happiness comes from both. I consider myself to be a very lucky man.

The Graduate

Poetry Challenge Day 251 (Sun Jun 12)

You did it.
You made the grade.
Now it’s time to start
the next journey.
I hope it is wonderful.

There are a lot of things
in this world I could give you
but I’m afraid the most important
thing you will need to find on your own…

May you find it and carry it with you
all the days of your life.


Poetry Challenge Day 250 (Sat Jun 11)

I have probably
used the word “fuck”
more times since the outbreak
of the Pandemic
then in my entire life prior to that.

I’m not young either.
Although a very nice person
I was chatting with on the phone today
said that I sounded young.
My reply was simply:

“Your fucking kidding me.”


Poetry Challenge Day 249 (Fri Jun 10)

How do you write poetry?
Well, first of all, you need to have eyes.
Hearing doesn’t hurt either.
Perhaps a sense of smell as well.

That is just table stakes.
You need feelings,
and the desire to sit with them
and let them tell you what to say.

That’s not easy,
it’s also a bit scary.
If you do it,
you just might write a poem.

For the record, I’m not sure I can sit with my feelings long enough to pull it off, just saying…


Poetry Challenge Day 248 (Thu Jun 9)

Take guns away,
now and forever.

It will never happen in America.
The country where the almighty dollar rules.

I want to escape.
I want to start a new country,
where only smart non-violent people live.

My Brain on Poetry

Poetry Challenge Day 247 (Wed Jun 8)

Poetry is tough.
You have to have a brain to write poetry.
Attempting to write poetry
(as I am trying to do)
is a huge personal exposure.

You are exposing all you faults and weaknesses
to anyone who might care to observe.
Not to mention the fact that your brain
may not really be up to the task
you have set before it.

Then why make the attempt.
When I started my year long journey into poetry
I honestly (naively) thought there was a chance
I could pull it off.
I now know just how hard a task that truly is.

I have days where I think
I have failed miserably.
For some reason I continue,
I suppose because quitting is worse than failure.
And yes, I’m calling this a poem.

Awareness is Everything

Poetry Challenge Day 246 (Tue Jun 7)

I’m aware that my poetry
has taken a dark turn
of late.
To rectify this
I give you the following
poem about cats.

If it weren’t for my cat,
my poetry would take
a dark turn.

Three Words

Poetry Challenge Day 245 (Mon Jun 6)

Three words of advice:
Read, think, write.

FOX News

Poetry Challenge Day 244 (Sun Jun 5)

Those of us
not fully conscious
are being desensitized
for political purposes.

This is a proven path
to political power.

By giving up our humanity
and listening to repeated lies,
cliches’, and political jargon,
we are surrendering ourselves.

The ultimate aim, is the perpetration
of violence against our fellow humans.

Women’s Rights

Poetry Challenge Day 243 (Sat Jun 4)

Giving women the right
to decide the fate of their
own bodies is an
existential threat to men.

That was the prevailing view
held by men
in the mid-17th century,
and also the view of Justice Alito.

First Principles

Poetry Challenge Day 242 (Fri Jun 3)

George Washington
famously said:
“Unless we can return
a little more to first principles…”
He was chiding James Warren.

The real point here is
how familiar these words
sound to us today,
even removed as many
generations as they are.

Getting Tuckerd

Poetry Challenge Day 241 (Thu Jun 2)

How would you like
to be educated
in the finer points of racist theory?

It is highly fashionable
these days.

Just hang out with the likes of
Tucker Carlson.