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Poetry Challenge Day 365 (Saturday, October 8)

The Poetry Challenge is complete. I probably should not have called it a Poetry Challenge. A better title for this endeavor might be, “A Year of Living Poetically.”

When I think about what I have gained from this experience, I am a bit overwhelmed. When I set out on this journey, I didn’t really think I would succeed. Having actually completed what I set out to do, I feel a certain pride. More importantly, this has demonstrated once again for me an all too valuable lesson, that with patience and persistence almost anything can be accomplished.

While this may not have made me a better writer (I will be the first to admit it has not) it certainly opened my eyes to the fact that writing is not an easy task. I’m referring to the task of writing well, of course. While a lot of what came out of this experiment was dashed off (probably too) quickly, occasionally I did strike upon something that is worth at least remembering, if not admiring. (I am speaking here solely for myself of course.)

You may be wondering what was my favorite entry. After rereading all the entries again, I really can’t choose one favorite. I think the real meaning here is hidden in the sum of all 365 entries, which makes the take-away unique for anyone foolish enough to read all of this.

May all your endeavors be as memorable and satisfying as this has been for me.