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The Supreme Court

Poetry Challenge Day 353 (Thu Sep 2)

At a bus stop near my home
Some graffiti caught my eye…
“Abort the Court.”
Who can really disagree with that?
Oh, I suppose if you have assumed
the role of preventing people you don’t know
from going to hell…
(Good for you, that is your prerogative)
but realize, it’s not your job
to take away someone’s freedom,
even if you think you are doing them
an “eternal favor” (your not).
Taking away someone’s freedom
will only send you to that place you abhor…
Think about it…
State mandated maternity is nothing more than State sanctioned rape.
Think about it…
If you support abortion bans,
you’re not only taking away someone’s freedom
for which you will be damned…
but you have also made yourself a rapist.

Escatalogical bullshit added to this poem for emphasis…