Poetry Challenge Day 228 (Fri May 20)

If man is made
in God’s image.
If the likeness of man to God
is in the soul.
If man has the capacity to kill,
then God must be a killer as well.


Poetry Challenge Day 227 (Thu May 19)

Twitter is dead to me.
I’m tired of Oligarchs
and their selfish attempts
to rule the world.
I’m not excluding here
the Oligarch wannabes.

The Game of Risk

Poetry Challenge Day 226 (Wed May 18)

The history of
American Foreign Policy
is modeled after the game of “Risk,”
as well as a healthy dose,
of fear and paranoia.

This in no way means I would support the likes of Senator Rand Paul.

Age 70

Poetry Challenge Day 225 (Tue May 17)

The gold standard
for fitness at age 70,
is to be able to
step into your underwear
from a standing position.

If not the gold standard, a desirable goal, That, and being able to rip Thunderbird at Mt. Bachelor…


Poetry Challenge Day 224 (Mon May 16)

I live in a world of words
but I have nothing to say.

The only thing I know for sure
is that I am going skiing tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure
it’s going to be a good ski day.

A Sad Poem

Poetry Challenge Day 223 (Sun May 15)

Strange noises in the night.
I realize there is an explanation
but it escapes me.

Many things in fact escape me,
there is so little I truly understand.
Like why the fuck is there war?

I can’t think of anything more stupid.
I don’t understand how anyone can kill
someone else, it’s beyond me.

I want to leave this planet
And live somewhere that does not
espouse killing and death.

I’m about five lifetimes from that…
assuming the human race
Is still around by then.

Today’s news is especially frightening. I’m not quite sure how I calculated we are only five lifetimes away from the ability to live off-planet by choice… It certainly could be many more than that, with no guarantee that people won’t take this propensity with them…

Happy Birthday!

Poetry Challenge Day 222 (Sat May 14)

Happy Birthday daughter.
Of all the things that could be said.
Of all the things that bring me pride.
You are at the very top of my list.

Not a day goes by
that I don’t think of you.
Perhaps you find that hard to believe,
I understand… still it is true.

If I could give you anything in the world
I surly would (besides my love of course).
But for now, this simple poem
will have to do.

And if there were any doubt in your mind
to whom I am referring,
it is to all of you.
Three times blessed am I.

Yes, to all of you, but especially to you on this particular day…


Poetry Challenge Day 221 (Fri May 13)

Things could always be worse.
I could be doing my laundry
at a coin-operated laundromat.

How exactly do you measure success and happiness? A large part of that depends on how my cat is feeling about me. Of course, since today is Friday the 13th I suspect the cat has very little influence, at least today…


Poetry Challenge Day 220 (Thu May 12)

I’m a list addict.
The benefit is yet to be determined.
I keep making them anyway.
I ask myself that.
I suppose because
they make me feel good.
If I didn’t have a list,
WTF would I do?
I’ve been told (read somewhere)
that successful people
don’t make lists.
There you go,
that explains a lot.

What the Hell

Poetry Challenge Day 219 (Wed May 11)

What the Hell
Ski Pomerelle.

Not terrible original, but it does rhyme. Actually Jed had me rolling on the floor laughing when he told me this, right after I told him I was going there.

Life Partie Deux

Poetry Challenge Day 218 (Tue May 10)

You don’t choose a life
you live one.

Nightly Prayer

Poetry Challenge Day 217 (Mon May 9)

We are of the nature to change.
We are of the nature to grow old.
We are of the nature to become sick.
We are of the nature to die.
We are of the nature to inherit our actions.

Have I lived today in a way
that allows me to cherish everything and everyone.

Have I lived today in a way
that allows me to not regret my nature.


Poetry Challenge Day 216 (Sun May 8)

Life rushes through us and past us
like a stream constantly changing.
We die a bit each day.
It’s good to remember yesterday
so we will approach today
with better intent.


Poetry Challenge Day 215 (Sat May 7)

God does not exist.

A loving God would not allow
this shit to happen.

If I’m wrong, may I drop dead yesterday…
…I guess I’m right.

If God is going to allow war, torture, and murder, then the least he can do is strike me down for blasphemy…


Poetry Challenge Day 214 (Fri May 6)

If Putin had a cat,
the world would be
a better place.
We wouldn’t have war.
He would be too busy
stroking his pussy
to care about committing
war crimes against
the Ukranian people.

What Matters Most

Poetry Challenge Day 213 (Thu May 5)

It matters not how we feel…

What matters
is how we respond
to how we feel.

When we respond to how we feel…

What matters most
is responding with love
to how we feel.

What Matters

Poetry Challenge Day 212 (Wed May 4)

It matters not how we feel…

What matters
is how we respond
to how we feel.

Happy Birthday

Poetry Challenge Day 211 (Tue May 3)

They say the third time is a charm.
Who am I to argue?
In point of fact, I agree.
You are the love of my life.
Thank you
for sharing
your life with me.
Happy Birthday.

Kitty by My Side

Poetry Challenge Day 210 (Mon May 2)

It really is a pleasure
to have a kitty by my side.
There’s truly nothing better
then the way he abides.


Poetry Challenge Day 209 (Sun May 1)

on a
heated toilet seat
is the
of luxury.

Say what you will, this is probably not an exaggeration…


Poetry Challenge Day 208 (Sat Apr 30)

I’m trying to understand
how meditation can save the world.
I know we desire to better ourselves.
Meditation can do that
How does this translate to a better world.

I suppose the answer lies
in how we live.
Meditation gives us the ability
to touch lives and take action.
So this becomes our challenge.

Bodhisattva I Am Not

Poetry Challenge Day 207 (Fri Apr 29)

This is a poem of encouragement to myself.

A Bodhisattva I am not
but do I have what it takes,

to be calm when feeling
anger and fear,

to help alleviate
the suffering of others,

to find a purpose in life
that brings joy, peace, and balance
to my life and the lives of others.

I believe that is my intention.

The Holy Grail

Poetry Challenge Day 206 (Thu Apr 28)

Take your pick…
Methodist, Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist,
the list is endless.
Which one holds the secret to the universe?
None of them do.
The secret to the universe
is an equation that will unify
Relativity and Quantum Theory.
When science achieves this holy grail,
we will have the answers
we have been seeking…
What existed before
the Big Bang.
What is on the other side
of Black Holes.
Are there other
other dimensions…
These questions and more
will be answered,
including where does
God fit in the equation.

My Catholic middle name is ‘Thomas’, I chose to be named after the saint known as ‘Doubting Thomas’. You are free to draw your own conclusions.


Poetry Challenge Day 205 (Wed Apr 27)

Who am I to give advice?
I am no one.
Let me give it anyway…
There is no better therapy
than to keep a journal.
Write down your thoughts,
good, bad, indifferent,
it doesn’t matter.
You will discover in time
that you know yourself better.
You must be the only one
you are writing for,
but isn’t that the best reason of all?

Sadly, I regret to think how I would be viewed if anyone read my shit… but still, I write.

Ode to One Who is Gone

Poetry Challenge Day 204 (Tue Apr 26)

I think of you often.
I’m not really sure why.
I suppose it is because
I have always wanted
to be closer to you.
Thinking about you
brings me closer.