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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 07/11/24

Day #296

Today is E. B. White’s birthday. It’s time to read Charlotte’s Web again…

…The story is about a little pig, the runt of the litter, that is saved at birth by the love a young girl Fern. She gives him the name Wilbur. He grows up to be strong and healthy but when it is time to procure a Christmas Ham, it becomes clear that Wilbur’s days are numbered. Charlotte the spider saves Wilbur by making him a celebrity with her creative web spinning. Sadly, Charlotte is aging and spins her last egg sack before passing away. Wilbur tends to the sack and makes sure all the hatchling are cared for until they are old enough to leave the nest. Three of the hatchlings choose to stay behind and become Wilbur’s companions.

This Newberry award winning children’s book teaches us several important lessons, among them; Fern learns that by her caring she can make a difference in the world. The friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur teaches us tolerance for those that are not the same as we are. Valuable lessons that can be learned and shared by any generation, our’s included.

This is a book that belongs on every bookshelf.

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