Life On A B-I7

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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 07/26/24

Day #311

I’m a liar and I suck…

I was getting on my motorcycle at the grocery store and I noticed slogans hand painted across the side of the car parked next to me, they said:

Joe Biden is a liar and sucks

Joe Biden is Hamas

I found these shocking. I hung around to see who might come out. It was a disaffected old lady. I noticed her in the store and thought she had issues, sure enough, I learned a bit more about myself as I rolled out of the parking lot; on the back of her car was written:

Joe Biden $ Democrats are liars $ they suck

I think the use of a dollar sign could be intentional here… or it might be an indication of a lack of education, I can’t be positive because the word liar is spelled correctly…

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