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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 07/25/24

Day #310

I was in Terrabone Oregon today shopping at the local grocery. I had cookies and muffins in my basket. (It was a special trip to the store to supplement our pantry because we have an out of town guest.) Anyway, there I was, I set my basket of diabetic food stuffs on the counter and the guy behind me asked me if I would like him to buy me a bag of potatoes (they were part of his items) Honest to god, I was dressed more or less normally, I replied “No thank you.” He was a bit taken aback. He said more people should be that polite. So I smiled and thanked him again. As the checker started to ring me up and I pulled out my wallet (he could see clearly I had some bills) he looked at me and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry I should never have asked you that.” I laughed and told him no problem and thanked him again. I’m not sure what it was about my clothing that made me look destitute, but I need to hang on to that ensemble for future use…

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