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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 05/31/24

Day #255

I’ve been around long enough to know age is a state of mind.
I’ve seen things come and go,
And come back around again.
Some of life’s lessons have finally started sinking in.
If you don’t do nothin’ you will live to regret,
You won’t have to live with what you can’t forget.
If there is a secret to life,
It’s about staying in the here and now

— Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark

I’ve taken some minor liberties with the lyrics. This is one of my favorite songs. The point of this song for me is the idea that we should live the best life that we can. I suppose in some ways this is a Stoic notion, perhaps that’s why I like it. We should try to avoid doing things that will cause us to have regret. If we do find ourselves with regret, we should make every effort, not to forget what caused the regret, but to put that incident behind us. We will make mistakes, we should try and learn from them. We should keep focused on where we are and what’s in front of us.

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