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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 05/13/24

Day #237

Why do I write? The best answer for that is I write because it brings me peace. I wasn’t born to be a writer (or perhaps I was, just not a good one). I discovered writing along the way.

Some mornings, my cat will lie on the counter putting his head on my arm, making it difficult to write. I’m pretty sure he is doing it because he loves me. I say that because he has already been fed. This is how he shows his affection. It makes writing a bit more difficult, but I don’t mind. Between writing and enjoying my cat (while the rest of the house sleeps) I’d have to say my level of joy is about as high as one could ask for. Almost as high as making perfect “S” shaped turns on two edges, at a 70-degree angle, on perfect corduroy.

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