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A Year of Living Thoughtfully 05/11/24

Day #235

This is a quote by Julia Cameron:

“Writing is powerful. It is an act of bravery. As we write, we tell ourselves the truth about who we are — and how we feel.” She goes on, “We give the universe our coordinates: ‘I am precisely here.’ We give the universe permission to act on our behalf. When we write we experience synchronicity. Our ‘luck’ improves. Writing is a spiritual path. With each word, we take another step forward.”

I love to write. Julia Cameron describes the benefits of writing beautifully. She sets out what writing can give to those who practice it. These words stand out:

Bravery, Truth, Permission, Synchronicity, Spirituality, Wisdom, Courage, Commitment, Honesty…

I admire how Julia Cameron puts so many thoughts into so little space. I have a long way to go before I become a writer. I’m perfectly fine with that. My goal is not to “publish,” my goal is to acquire as many of the gifts that writing has to offer as I can. This blog represents my footsteps left behind as I “take another step forward” on my journey.

If Julia Cameron has a fault, I’m sure many people will say I don’t know what I’m talking about now, it is that she works too hard at churning out words. She tends to beat her subject to death, even though she has a beautiful message. I never finished reading her book “On Writing,” because it felt like she was writing the same thing repeatedly. I got the message about halfway through the book.

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