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Journal Entry - Friday, May 3, 2024

(Another) Bit About Writing

I like to begin my day by writing. It doesn’t particularly matter what I write, it’s more about sitting down and moving my hand. Usually, something of value to me manages to find its way onto the page.

If I don’t write in the morning, the day doesn’t feel like it’s getting started on the right foot. I also enjoy reading, not always in the morning, that tends to happen later in the day. I learn a lot from reading, I find it stimulates my writing by giving me food for thought. Reading lifts my perspective and often my spirits. If I wrote without reading, I would probably find that limited my perspective and make my writing boring.

I think all of this is good for brain health. I’ve mentioned before I would like to become a member of the “100 Plus” Ski Club. I looking forward to that — so I can write about it.

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