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Journal Entry - Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A Special Event

I recently wore this Tie Tac and Ring to a Memorial Service for Nancy Evans. What’s unusual about this is I was the only man out of several hundred (that I observed) wearing a Tie Tac. I guess they have gone out of fashion.

Nancy is the wife of the former Governor of Washington, Daniel Evans. Some say the best Governor Washington has ever had. That view was conveyed to me by one of his successors, who was also in attendance. Be that as it may, it was a privilege to attend the memorial. I was there escorting one of Nancy’s Nieces.

Back to the jewelry. I’ve started documenting some of my Father’s memorabilia that I have had in storage since his passing a few years ago. The Tie Tac and the Ring were among the items I retrieved from storage. I was very happy to bring them out into public and wear them for a very special event. That said, no one noticed (or at least commented). That’s okay. Wearing them made me feel a connection to my Dad. He would have loved to have been there. (I’m sure he was an Evans supporter.) He probably would have done a better job mixing with all the folks in attendance than I did, but that’s not the point, he would have enjoyed the event as much as I did. I was glad I could be there, and, in a small way, have him with me.

The Tie Tac is a replica of an ANA Airlines 747. The ring my Father picked up in Indonesia at some point. My siblings and I can’t fill in the back story on the ring

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