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Journal Entry - Wednesday, March 28, 2024 - JEA

Opening Day

Today is the opening day of the 2024 Baseball Season. This is just what America needs. I would love to be at T-Mobile Park tonight to watch the Mariners take on the Boston Red Sox. I remember years ago attending a game in Fenway Park. Those were the days when Jay Buhner played right field for the Mariners. What a thrill that was. I had a seat in right field, third row from the fence. Jay made a leaping catch above the wall directly in front of me. That was a moment to remember.

Why America needs baseball right now is not an issue I care to delve into in depth. What I will say is that history will look back on this time and agree with me that baseball is a constant that will serve in a large measure to provide some sorely needed truth and integrity to the American soul. The optimism that baseball brings encourages me to hope that those Americans who have been persuaded to believe in election-denying lies will eventually see they have been intentionally misled.

Note: Taking a cue from Andrew Weissmann, The abbreviation “JEA” used in the title of this post means “Journal Entry Addendum.”

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