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Journal Entry - Wednesday, February 21, 2024

My Grammarly Score

I’ve been using Grammarly for the last 15 weeks (the free version). It analyzes your writing and makes suggestions for improvement, including spelling corrections. Grammarly recently sent me some “insights.” They are quite interesting.


I have been more productive than 80% of Grammarly users.


I have been more accurate than 60% of Grammarly users.


I have used more unique words than 65% of Grammarly users.


  • Confident 33%
  • Informative 33%
  • Formal 32%
  • Assertive 1%
  • Skeptical 1%

These statistics are based on an analysis of 94,549 words.

Looking over the numbers, several interesting things pop out. My “productivity” is higher than I would have expected. Frankly, I don’t think I write that much, put another way, I would like to write more. On the other side of the coin, My “vocabulary” and “mastery” aren’t all that impressive. I suppose being over 50% is better than being under 50%…

The most revealing statistics are the “tones.” My level of “confidence” is pretty low. I knew that. Along with “assertive,” I suppose this means I lack a fair amount of self-confidence. On reflection, I think that is a bit misleading. I try hard not to use a tone that tells people what they should think or how they should behave. I believe measuring those characteristics accurately would be beyond Grammarly’s ability without perhaps having a complete psychological profile of me at its disposal. (I admit using the word “perhaps” in the previous sentence would tend to lower my assertiveness score — there you go.)

Note to the Reader

The paid version of Grammarly (which I do not use) makes rewrite suggestions that can extend from whole sentences to whole paragraphs. That’s wonderful (maybe…) if you want to impress your teacher or professor, but that’s not why I write. I write because I enjoy the process and also because I think writing — for better or worse — should be an activity that reflects who you are, rather than who a machine thinks you should be.

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