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Journal Entry - Friday, February 9, 2024

Just Another Rant

There isn’t anything to see here, just another rant. I don’t like getting political, but it seems our times are trending more and more in that direction. If you don’t care what I think (or if you are already sick and tired of the political culture we find ourselves living in these days (a distinct possibility) you should not read any further. I give you my solemn word I will avoid this subject as much as I possibly can, but this particular entry has been building for a while, it’s time to let it out so I can (at least temporarily) move in a more positive direction.

Donald Trump is a spoiled, entitled little boy who just wants what Donald Trump wants. He has no intellectual ability to describe to the American people what he will do to make their lives better. His only real skill is in making people angry, usually by wielding outright lies. Donald Trump is also a bully, a professional bully. He has intimidated his party to the point where they can no longer see rationally and they are afraid to say publicly anything that Trump would not approve of or has not already approved of.

I am without question living in the most dangerous political era of my lifetime, a lifetime which includes memories of the Nixon era. Trump has set the stage for another run at taking power, and it is clear he intends to do so, even if he does not have the votes necessary to legitimately claim victory. What we are living through now is likely the beginning of a radical change in how American Government sees its duty to the citizens of the country. This could be as extreme an outcome as the eventual suspension of the Constitution.

In tomorrow’s post I will discuss how the Supreme Court has failed the country and is paving the way for Donald Trump to assume the reins of power once again.

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