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Journal Entry - Monday, November 13, 2023

The Letter

“Having compassion, toward another, is Love, whenever they feel there is no Love, at all. Due to whatever they suffer. While there is so much hate, in the world, today. And the only way to abolish hate, is to have mercy, upon the hated to the point, where no one see’s any reason to hate, others around them, at all. For, after so many, have been hurt by those who had been mistreated, by others, around them all. It will be the right choice to not pass judgement against any of them, at all, so they will not see any point, in rising up in their own anger, with hate, against anyone, at all. So they too, will see no reason to be aggressive with harm, toward everyone, of many, out of the number all. So that lives, will have time to mend, with healing, as every weapon, of hate is beaten down, into plowshares, for the sake of peace, between all. Beginning with that same compassion, of Love, that begins from the heart, of kindness, shown unto everyone, of all. Between those, of whoever learned to have patients for those, of the hated to have a change of heart, apart from having any thoughts, of aggressive harm toward them and or anyone else around, at all, so that enough light, will be able to shine, on the realization that if hate, is replaced by Love. There will only be merciful compassion that stands in the place, of all hatred within the thoughts, of everyone, of all, and all around them all.”

I was given this letter by a nice young man who is developmentally disabled. We met in a tasting room in Redmond, Oregon. He stopped in to give a copy of the letter to the woman working the taps, they were acquaintances. I asked him if he liked to write and he told me that he did. After a pause, he asked me if I would like a copy of his letter, I said that I would like to read what he had written. He handed me the letter and thanked me. Before he left I was able to read the first little bit, I told him it was very good. That pleased him very much.

Although difficult to parse, I believe he is spot on and I admire him for having the courage to put his thoughts into words and to share them with a stranger. What follows is an interpretation provided by Grammarly’s AI copy-editing feature.

“Compassion towards others is an act of love, especially when they feel unloved due to their suffering. In a world filled with hate, the only way to eliminate it is to show mercy to those who are hated to the point where they no longer see a reason to hate those around them. We should refrain from judging those who have been mistreated by others, as this may lead to their own anger and aggressive behavior towards others. Let us show kindness and patience towards those who are hated so that they may have a change of heart and see the light of love, which is more powerful than hate. By replacing hate with love, we can eliminate all hatred and promote compassion towards everyone. So let us start with ourselves and show kindness to all, especially those who need it most, and let mercy and compassion be the guiding force in our thoughts and actions.”

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