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TransAm Journal - Sat July 1, 2023

Day 53

Fairplay CO, 0 miles (Rest Day)

The next week is going to be chill. I arrived in the Mountains of Colorado a week ahead of my schedule. Rather that keep going, I’m going to enjoy this place. Why not. The mountains have always called to me. Since skiing is my winter passion, this will give me the perfect opportunity to explore the mountains and resorts here and make some plans for future winter visits.

I’m staying in Fairplay for the night then I’m heading up over Hoosier Pass to Breckenridge. I’ll be crossing the Continental Divide tomorrow! Fairplay is right on the Middle Fork of the South Platte River. There are a lot of Anglers in the river here.

“It ain’t what you got, it’s what you make” —Song Lyric, Unknown Artist

What does that mean? I think it means the best experiences are the ones you make for yourself. This tour has been a joy, a revelation, and yes, an experience. The good news is it’s not over yet.

Talking to a local I learned there is a music festival in Alma, just six mile up the road from here. Heading up there soon. Probably will be there tonight instead of Fairplay.

The Historic Hotel in Fairplay Colorado. Fairplay is also known as South Park City, don’t let that confuse you.