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TransAm Journal - Wed June 21, 2023

Day 43

Ness City KS, 64 miles

I woke this morning at 5 AM to tremendous lightening and thunder. By 6 AM when the sun should have been up it was still scary dark out. It’s now 10 AM and things are looking better, the rain has ceased and the thunder all but ceased. West of here doesn’t look quite as bad. I’m going to try and make Ness City which is 64 miles west on the route. There’s a no-tell there if things fall apart. The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the route, so I won’t try and ford where there is water over the road. Of course, that means I’m hoping for the best and I don’t have to turn around somewhere between here and Ness City. What did I say earlier, bad luck can save you from worse luck? If I run into any bad luck I won’t tempt my worse luck by doing something stupid.

It is really hard waking up and facing the day with the thought that you can’t get on the bike. After doing it for so many days, the thought of not doing it can be upsetting. I think this is a thing that people who cycle every day experience. It’s a good thing I would say. I spent the morning thinking of options but nothing really matters because everything depends on what the weather decides to do. I did do some laundry, so if I get rained on today, the rain will be falling on clean cycling clothes.

“He who will, the fates lead, he who won’t, the fates drag…”

The fates led me well today. No rain. Wind at my back most of the day. Dry pavement.

By-the-way, what is a run on sentence, well, I’m not sure, I suppose it’s words expressing multiple thoughts that are joined together with commas when instead they could have been expressed as separate thoughts, commonly referred to as sentences, I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure there are some people, possibly even people reading this, that have a much better idea what a run-on sentence is than I do, period

Kansas is not really like a pancake.