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TransAm Journal - Wed May 17, 2023

Day 8

_ Lexington VA, Rest Day_

My three biggest fears:

  1. Sun Burn
  2. Road Rash
  3. Rain

So far I have been able to manage the first two, and dodge the third. I hope my luck continues with all three.

Today was a much needed day of rest. I sent home another 9 pounds of gear and managed a net savings of 6 pounds of carry weight. When I was in downtown Lexington I happened by an outfitter that had a one person 3 pound ultralight tent in the window. I didn’t intend to replace the one I was carrying, but that turns out to be exactly what I did. I think I’m now as light as I can reasonably get.

I have been dealing with the notion that my days of peak performance are probably behind me. Now it’s a matter of listening to my body and pacing myself. I’m not going to get there as quickly as I would have 5 years ago, and certainly not as fast as the several riders that have passed me so far, but I’m convincing myself to be content with that. A friend back home told me to pace myself and listen to my body. Do what you can do but don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Good advice indeed. Thank you Greg.

The trip so far has been steeped in history. Virginia has been an amazing historical tour. (Even considering the limited time I have been able to devote to that while off the bike.) I got another dose of history today while sitting in a coffee shop. I picked up a book about Samuel Adams (a New Englander, I realize) and was fascinated by the small portion that I read. He was a man of few accomplishments, but at the age of 40 he seemed to blossom and become one of the spokes-persons of the revolution. If there was a movement of note in New England he was typically behind it either with his writing or with his presence. I was particularly impressed by his belief that government should answer to the man in the street, not to wealthy interests. He also said the following that rings as true today as it did in his time: “To have a villainous ruler imposed on you was a misfortune. To elect him yourself was a disgrace.” We still have a lot to learn from our founders.

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