Life On A B-I7

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TransAm Journal - Wed May 10, 2023

Day 1

Charles City, 45 miles

I reached Lawrence Lewis Jr. Park, a nice park and campground shortly after 2pm. I was very tired. No surprise. I shouldn’t admit this, but I didn’t train for this adventure. I’ve been a bit distracted lately working on identifying some “health issues.” Notice I didn’t say “problems,” because everything is treatable and my care team gave me their blessing to go on this adventure. (They might not have if they had know I was undertaking it without having properly trained.) It’s going to be slow going for awhile, if I stay focused I should be just fine, in a week or two. My goal is 78 days for the crossing. I shouldn’t talk too much about goals since it’s only Day 1, but I made my goal for today so I suppose that bodes well. Tomorrow will likely be more revealing…

Tonight’s Campsite.