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The Creative Act

Sunday April 16, 2023 (Journal Entry)

I’m currently reading Rick Rubin’s “A Creative Act.” It is inspirational. I’ve learned so far, that we are all artists, each person in their own way. (Maybe not everyone, but almost all of us.) The better we all are at our art, the better the world becomes, because art is about being in tune and receiving information from the Universe. It doesn’t really matter if we are “good” at our art, just that we are committed to a life that focuses on living artistically. It is our responsibility (not too strong a word) to create “works” that help move the world forward, evolving toward a more perfect version of what the world can be. It’s all about the connections we make and the vibe that we leave behind as we move through the Universe. In other words, sharing ourselves with the Universe. That is our art.