Life On A B-I7

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Wednesday April 12, 2023 (TransAm 2023 Planning)

I’ve just completed the weigh-in for my TransAm cycling trip. The break-out looks like this:

Equipment Category Weight
Bike 34 lbs
Panniers/Bags 10 lbs
Clothes 8 lbs
Cooking Equipment 6 lbs
Tent/Sleeping Gear 16 lbs
Tools 7 lbs
Media/Navigation/Power 7 lbs
Personal Items/Meds 2 lbs
Water (average) 4 lbs

The grand total is: 94 lbs.

It is generally considered that weight of bike plus all carry items should fall between 60 and 100 lbs. This is largely dependent on what type of touring you are doing, the sort of bike you are riding, and also, how many people are in your tour group. A solo tour requires carrying a bit more than you might if you could split the gear load between two or more riders. This is a total guess, but based on what I am carrying, I suspect my overall weight could be reduced by about 8 lbs if I were touring with 2 or more people. That said, I wish my load were closer to 80 lbs, but given this is a solo tour, 94 lbs is not too surprising.