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A Letter (To My Cat)

Journal Entry (Tuesday February 21, 2023)

I recently received a letter from our Homeowner’s Association stating that I am out of compliance with Section 3, Sub-Section 7, of the HOA’s “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.” When I first glanced at the letter all I saw was “CCR” and I immediately thought I was going to be reading a story about Creedence Clearwater Revival, no such luck. It turns out they were writing to complain about you! I did not realize that “black and white cats” are forbidden from being seen on any property within the HOA. I view this as discriminatory, and even predatory, but the plain truth is, I don’t have much of a leg to stand on. You see, HOAs are allowed to regulate just about anything they want to. Heaven forbid you should choose to lounge on top of my Toyota Tacoma, that would be double jeopardy, since “recreational vehicles” are not allowed to be seen inside of the HOA either. (I’m not sure how a passenger licensed vehicle can be considered “recreational,” but it is. It may have something to do with the hi-lift jack and spare wheel on the back, but I’ve seen spare wheels mounted on the back of RAV 4s, so it can’t possibly be that.) Anyway, I digress. I solved MY problem by parking my Tacoma outside the main gate, so EVERYONE has to drive by it and look at it on their way into the HOA! But back to you my furry friend. As a sign of how much I love you, I am NOT going to make you go outside the HOA just to sun yourself. I’m going to let you sit on the back patio where you are mostly concealed from view, it’s not as sunny I’ll admit, but your just going to have to deal with it, as I have…