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Performance Art

Journal Entry (Saturday February 4, 2023)

I saw an interesting piece in “The Atlantic” about digital media. The premise is that today’s media has made performance artists out of all of us.

An interesting proposition.

The article was referring specifically to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, et al., but it certainly raises an interesting question for me. Is this blog “performance art,” or is this genuine writing.

I have to admit I use the phrase “genuine writing” a bit tongue-in-cheek. It is my intention to be genuine, and to write as well as I am able, about subjects that I think are important, nevertheless, is this a form of “performance?”

I suppose I’m not the ultimate judge of that, but is it enough to say I don’t intend this writing to be performative…

Since no one reads this anyway, I suppose all of this is rather moot…