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My Promise

Journal Entry (Thursday February 2, 2023)

I made a promise that I would not take up matters related to politics here, and I have every intention of keeping that promise, but let it be said in relation to that, if I were to renege, there would be no shortage of subjects and people to talk about. Some of those might be interesting, but a great number of them would be either idiotic or down right frightening. There is no shortage of either. I am currently reading a new translation of Marcus Aurelius’s “Meditations” by Scot Hicks and David Hicks. It is a brilliant book. Even though Marcus was one of Rome’s greatest Emperors, it is not a political book. It is about living your best possible life. The thing that is so truly impressive about him is what a good man he was.

Trying to decide who is the best person in history, or even who is the best person in a given century or decade is an impossible task, there are too many. If you look at those today who claim to be our leaders, you can easily pick out those that would never be mistaken for Marcus Aurelius. For my part, I will be happy to be identified simply as a person who carries no ill will for anyone.