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Journal Entry (Wednesday January 25, 2023)

I have started preliminary preparation for a second crossing of the U.S. by bicycle. I did this once before in 2019. That time I took the southern route. There are three established cycling routes across the U.S., the Southern Tier, the TransAm and the Northern Tier. In just a couple of months from now I plan to take on the TransAm route. How does one prepare for such as this, especially in the winter? I’ll be doing some yoga and some rowing, as the weather improves I will of course also be on the bike. I plan about 2-1/2 months of preparation. If all goes according to plan, I should be starting from Florence Oregon in mid-April and reach Williamsburg Virginia about 90 days later.

When I crossed the U.S. on the Southern Tier I started with a group but about half-way through the journey (in Austin Texas) I dropped them. It’s not that I’m anti-social, there were some difficulties with the make-up of the group, none of whom I had met before we started the trip in San Diego. I did not mind doing the second half of that trip solo at all. In fact, it turned out to be a great experience. In many ways I now prefer traveling alone when traveling by bicycle. It’s a rewarding experience to know you have only yourself to depend on. It would have to be a very small group of close friends to make me want to do this trip any way other than solo. There is one clear exception to my “solo” rule, I would love to have my sweetheart join me, perhaps someday the two of us will make the journey together. There will be other opportunities, after all, there are four bicycle routes across the U.S. in total, the three previously mentioned and the TransAm Rail Trail still under construction, about 50% complete as of this writing.

I will be recording the journey here on the blog, just as I did my Southern Tier crossing. I hope you come back when the journey begins to enjoy the ride along with me!