Life On A B-I7

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Journal Entry (Monday January 16, 2023)

It has been a good day. All I need to do to close out this day is clean the kitty crapper and sweep the floor. I have determined my calling for the next few months. Prepare to take on the TransAm Trail. I’m excited. I’m also hopeful the doctor will give me the green light. At my age, you never know. Arthritis is starting to set in, gotta keep moving. Isn’t that the truth no matter the age? I do worry about a few things, like why haven’t I spent a bigger portion of my life reading great works of poems, essays, and novels? Instead I read computer books. They were enjoyable, no question. They put bread on the table, no question. But what purpose do they server me now? Now I’m more interested in skiing and learning how bind books by hand than I am in learning how to stand up a Hugo website written using the Go programming language…

To evolve can be a bitch.