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What the Butler Taught Me

Journal Entry (Sunday January 8, 2023)

The “Remains of the Day” is now just “the remains,” period. I did not enjoy this book but something drove me to finish it. I think it was my desire to find out how a book so boring could be brought to an end. I was hoping for something dramatic and satisfying but was disappointed, for that I should not be terribly surprised.

The author is talented, there is no question. The story was an excellent portrayal of a self-deluded, not so bright man, who dedicated his life to the service of people not truly worthy of his efforts while denying himself the only chance of love that came his way. The author had the speech and vernacular of a 20th century British man-servant down perfectly. I felt sorry for the protagonist throughout the entire excruciating journey. I think the author simply wanted me to ask myself a few questions of my own. 1) What am I dedicating my life to? 2) In what ways am I deluding myself? 3) What is it I should be doing to correct any insights I gained by examining questions 1 and 2. The author did a masterful job of keeping his intent for me largely unexposed until the very last page of the book.

Sometimes you have to work hard to get to the answers, I think that is what this book was all about.