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On Art

Journal Entry (Monday October 31, 2022)

I have an artist friend that has done a few portraits of people that I admire, he’s very talented. Sometime around the beginning of COVID I asked him to do a portrait of RBG for me. I’m finally reaching out to him to see about picking up the piece. (I have been extremely negligent, no question about it.) Here’s how that conversation went:

“Hi Adam. Ruth Bader Ginsburg here. As much as I have enjoyed living with you through most of COVID, I feel like it’s time for us to move on. Brad reached out to me and declared his love and devotion (Agape, not Erros — posthumously of course). He wanted to know if I would be willing to come live with him. He seemed almost anxious to meet with you this weekend to secure your permission and arrange for my relocation. He seems nice enough so I suppose this has my support… What say you?”

My friend replied in the affirmative. I will soon have RBG to hang with Fauci, Bernie and Albert.