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On Love

Journal Entry (Tuesday October 25, 2022)

It is presumptuous of me to claim to know something about love. Sharing on this subject is more about what I don’t know than it is about what I do know. I suspect It is a subject that comes more easily to some than to others. In my case, it has been an almost life-long journey. I have finally arrived in a place where I can say I have found it, and it feels good to be able to say that. The journey to this place on the spectrum of love has been rocky. I don’t want to disparage the other people that shared the journey with me at various times in the past, I hope they are better off today than when they were with me. An apology of sorts I suppose. I have to acknowledge, I have learned as much about love through my children as I have on my own. I suspect my influence on them has had little to do with their success.

Finding love to share with a partner and living love in general are two very different things. I’m inclined to think you are fortunate if you find the former, but I firmly believe we all should live the latter. That can be tough to do, no question about it. But the degree to which we live love, to a large extent, defines the sort of person we are. Living love also goes a long way towards how happy we are with this journey we call life. I believe this maxim applies to all of us, regardless of whether we realize it or not.