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On Voting

Journal Entry (Saturday October 22, 2022)

I voted in my State’s General Election today by mail-in ballot. I have absolutely no concern that my ballot will in any way fall pry to voter fraud of any kind. If you seriously believe your ballot has been tampered with, I suggest you log on to your state’s voter website and verify that your vote was recorded as you intended. Of course if you still believe your vote was tampered with (if you don’t trust your state’s voting record) that indicates one of two things to me: either 1) you think you are living in China or Russia (if that’s what you think, may I suggest you buy a map and a compass so you can locate yourself with a bit more accuracy) or 2) your I.Q. is somewhere south of 80. Bear in mind my initial statement, I have complete confidence my vote will be properly handled, not only that, but you should know that as far as I.Q. goes, I’m just a hard working 81. Given that, you can safely assume yours is probably somewhere south of zero. I’m sorry if that insults you, but keep in mind one other bit of trivia that is important to understand: A coup d’etat is not a valid democratic process. If you think it is, you might want get out that handy map and compass again.