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A Toast

Journal Entry (Wed October 12, 2022)

It is my privilege to offer the first toast tonight…

As the proud father of the bride,
who adores his daughter,
let me just say…

a few words about Scott.

Scott has a creative mind and is very talented,
he’s also a superb skier and climber.
A superb skier…
for a guy that skis on half a pair of bindings and a bent knee…
But, don’t try to follow him down Mid-Cirque,
unless you know what you are doing!

I’ve hung-out enough with Scott,
that I can say without reservation:
He’s a terrific guy…
I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law.

You’re pretty cool too honey…

Let me finish this toast very simply:
May your love guide you,
may your love sustain you,
and may your love fulfill you,
for all the days of your lives!