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Live In The Present

Journal Entry (Thu October 6, 2022)

A wise man once said:
If you’re angry it’s because you’re living in the past.
If you’re fearful it’s because you’re living in the future.
If you’re happy it’s because you’re living in the present.


What does that mean exactly, or perhaps a better way to put it is, how do you insure you’re living in the present. I don’t know the answer for everyone, for me, it’s all about where my focus is. I think artists have a natural ability to focus on something to the point where they are creating a reality from just their mind. Of course there is an outcome to this focus, it is the art that they are creating, but there is a side effect, in order to create they have to be in the moment, they must be living in the present. I can’t imagine an artist is not happy when they are creating. To live in the present, you must live like an artist. Whatever you are doing, you must give it your focus, you must listen and not interrupt, you must think about the other person, not yourself, and certainly, It doesn’t hurt to pursue creative tasks now and then, even if you’re not an artist.

The wise man in this case is Instagram. Instagram is not a complete waste of time, but I might have also learned this by studying the Stoics, which would probably speak a bit more highly of me if that were the case.