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Donald Drumph

Poetry Challenge Day 315 (Mon Aug 15)

Donald Drumph
(his real name)
is diabolically Fascist.
His ideas represent
the most extreme
notions of individual superiority.
Has history taught us nothing?
Any American that falls for his schickt
is profoundly one of the following:
miscalculating, stupid, illiterate, naive, disillusioned,
or some combination of the above.

I really dislike being political. I have tried my hardest not to bring politics into my project. You could make the argument that underneath everything I say is a political perspective, I won’t give you a serious argument against that perspective; however, I will try and make this my only overtly political rant. The family name was changed from Drumph to Trump to disguise the fact that they were German immigrants. Slight-of-hand runs deep in the Drumph family, none of which has been lost on Donald.)