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Poetry Challenge Day 301 (Mon Aug 1)

I will probably write this every day for the rest of my life — I love writing. The trick for me is saying something. The good news is I don’t really feel any pressure to say something. For the most part, I don’t say anything at all. I get as much or more joy out of putting pen to paper and watching words appear on the page as I do putting down words that say something. It’s a marvel really that I made it through college. I won’t tell you what school I went to because I don’t want you to write to them and ask to have my degree rescinded.

I remember fondly one class where I got a higher grade on a final paper then another student (one I thought was my friend). She questioned me about the grade and asked “how I managed it.” Some years later she was working as an Assistant D.A. in the small town where I lived. We had stayed in touch occasionally. One evening I had a severe asthma attack and I called her to ask if she would drive me to the nearby hospital. She told me she was too busy… I guess she was still pissed about that final paper.