Life On A B-I7

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A Sad Poem

Poetry Challenge Day 223 (Sun May 15)

Strange noises in the night.
I realize there is an explanation
but it escapes me.

Many things in fact escape me,
there is so little I truly understand.
Like why the fuck is there war?

I can’t think of anything more stupid.
I don’t understand how anyone can kill
someone else, it’s beyond me.

I want to leave this planet
And live somewhere that does not
espouse killing and death.

I’m about five lifetimes from that…
assuming the human race
Is still around by then.

Today’s news is especially frightening. I’m not quite sure how I calculated we are only five lifetimes away from the ability to live off-planet by choice… It certainly could be many more than that, with no guarantee that people won’t take this propensity with them…