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Toshi’s Lunchbox

Poetry Challenge Day 198 (Wed Apr 20)

I remember the early days
of the Internet.
The notion of ‘blogging’
was fresh and exciting.
I was captivated by the idea.
I wanted to take part,
but didn’t know how.

For awhile,
I read “Toshi’s Lunchbox” every day.
Toshi (whomever that was)
would list the contents
of her lunchbox.
It could be the reason
I didn’t try my hand at writing
until much later in life.

The fact that someone was writing a lunch menu while others (me among them) were reading it, should have been enough to persuade me to start writing then-and-there. But it wasn’t. Now that I have undertaken this project, I hope this writing rises above the level of a lunch menu, but of course, that judgement can only be made by you. (It’s probably best if you keep your conclusion on that subject to yourself.)