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Cognitive Autonomy

Poetry Challenge Day 187 (Sat Apr 9)

Cognition 1

Engage, Engage, Engage…
Engage the foot with the boot
Engage the boot with the ski
Engage the ski with the snow.

Cognition 2

Transition, Transition, Transition…
Transition weight to new ski before the turn
Transition ski rotation in unison
Transition eyes to new turn location.

Cognition 3

Do it without thinking
you are now a master
or as a good instructor might say
you are now executing “cogautomously.”

Cognition 4

There is no such thing as a master.

This poem is dedicated to Eric. Eric is a ski instructor at Alta. His knowledge of skiing will change your life (or at least your skiing). A day spent with Eric is the first step towards becoming “cogautomous” with your skis.