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RV (Revenge Verse)

Poetry Challenge Day 157 (Thu Mar 10)

If you think the ”RV”
parked in my driveway
is offensive,
wait until you see
the portrait of
Bernie Sanders
hanging on my back patio.

I don’t park an RV in the driveway. The RV that I own is parked in the garage where RVs belong. However, my Toyota Tacoma is parked in the driveway, and it is one bad-ass truck, as trucks go. For the record, I do own a portrait of Bernie Sanders. I also own a portrait of Einstein and Bob Marley. And, yes, they do hang on the back patio. The point here, perhaps a bit too subtle I suppose, is the only sort of person that would find my truck offensive is the same sort that would be offended by the politics of Bernie Sanders (and perhaps his portrait as well). Also, I suspect that person would likely dislike the color of Bob Marley’s skin.