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Mid-Morning Cup

Poetry Challenge Day 149 (Wed Mar 2)

I went in for a mid-morning cup.
Never been here before.
(I had just left a skate shop
where curiosity had pulled me in.)
I met Isaac there (his real name)
a cool guy.
The shop was amazing, I will wander in
from time to time
now that I know it’s there.
Here in the coffee shop,
It’s pretty plain inside, but warm and friendly.
“16 oz. Americano, with room please.”
Experience at small bespoke coffee places
has taught me that you’re better off
specifying cup size rather than using
the Starbucks nomenclature…
The Barista pulls my Americano
into a glass tumbler with a cardboard cozy.
Amazing! I’ve never seen that before!
I am naturally skeptical
but I sit down to give it a go.
It’s a damn fine cup of coffee,
probably the best I’ve had in some time.
(I work on my todo list, a very bad habit.)
When I’m finished
(with the coffee, not the todo list)
I’m feeling proud of myself
for coming into this place.
(Two scores in a row!)
I take my cup up to the Barista
and tell him it was very good.
He smiles broadly and says
“I’m glad you liked it.”
That’s a good morning.