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Water and Frog (Apologies to Joy Harjo)

Poetry Challenge Day 147 (Mon Feb 28)

I’ve come to the water
to look for Frog.
(For no particular reason.)
I don’t see him.
I assume he is afraid
to show his face to me.
I don’t blame him.
My kind are the reason
Water and Frog are so shy.
But there’s more here to see.
I’ve never seen rocks like these.
They look like they are made of steel.
They are beautiful.
Even though Water and Frog
are hiding from me,
they can’t hide these rocks.
The words the water speaks
as it courses around these rocks
is a mystery to me.
Frog would know what water is saying
if I could find him,
I would ask him to translate for me.

I completely stole the inspiration for this poem from Joy Harjo, or rather, the inspiration for this poem came from one by Joy Harjo that I tried desperately not to plagiarize…