Life On A B-I7

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Journal Entry

I’m now experimenting with writing my “daily journal” in the Ulysses app. I never really understood why I wasn’t completely satisfied writing in a notebook. Oh, I liked the experience of writing with pen on paper, I found that very satisfying esthetically speaking, but it always left me feeling just a bit unsatisfied in other ways. I guess partly because thoughts don’t flow as evenly or as quickly as they do when I’m typing. It’s also a pain in the ass to make additions and corrections. Perhaps 40 years of typing on a keyboard just has me overly committed to thinking with my fingers… I don’t really know. What I am realizing is that in the short period of time that I have gone back to the keyboard (two days) I’m satisfied. I’m going to continue with this approach for now. After all, my shit needs to be typed in order for it to show up here anyway…