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My Cat Thinks I’m Stupid

Wedensday October 20 (Poetry Challenge Day 16)

He Is, There’s Little Doubt

Did you know there is such a thing
as an ‘Anthrozoologist?’

They specialize in thinking like animals.
They will tell you that cats think we are stupid.

I knew that.
My cat is constantly teaching me how to feed him.

He leads me to his bowl,
he doesn’t realize I’m onto his game.

Just for fun, when we reach his bowl,
I’ll pick him up and hold him instead of feed him.
The look of consternation on his face is priceless.

Sometimes instead of feeding him
(especially in the middle of the night)
I’ll take him back to bed with me instead.

I’ll try and snuggle with him,
he will bolt from my arms the first chance he gets.

Cats are still wild animals,
otherwise he’d know I was messing with him

Instead, he jumps down, shaking his head,
wondering how stupid could I be.

Note: The subtitle was written by my cat.