Life On A B-I7

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Monday October 18 (Poetry Challenge Day 14)

The world is in crisis.
I try to be optimistic.
I think I mostly succeed,
but occasionally reality intercedes.

Why have we reached this threshold?
The veneer of a just American society,
the notion of fairness and opportunity,
in reality stripped away.

I don’t understand what the leaders
of this frenzy have to gain.
Will making rich people richer
really help advance the interests of humanity?

What are the people that want
to take us to a “glorious” past
really afraid of…
I think it is fear of losing their power.

Or perhaps it is the desire to gain more
power, money, influence,
but, at its’ root, fear.
This feels all too historically familiar.

Note: I do feel a bit guilty about engaging in political writing. I don’t want to repeat the mistake of Eric Coomer from Dominion. He should have shown more social media restraint, but even if he had, I don’t think that would have in any way prevented us from finding ourselves where we are today. Which raises the interesting question: If there were no such thing as social media 1) would you be reading this, and 2) would there have been a Jan 6 insurrection?