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Just For Fun

This post is rated for language

Just got an email from Microsoft. They are in the process of shutting down an email account of mine (didn’t know that I had one, but not outside the realm of possibility). The email looks very authentic, and frankly, is well done. (No reference to a Prince anywhere.)

Just for fun I clicked on the link in the email, ostensibly to allow me to “recover” my mail box and preserve it for future use. The link took me to a Google Doc page. This is problem #1. A Microsoft email recovery process would not use a Google Doc page! The doc asked me to enter an email address and a password. Obviously, this is problem #2. The ironic bit is the fact that at the bottom of the Google Doc page was the warning: “Never enter your password in a Google Doc.” …No kidding.

Well, this kind of shit catches a lot of people I’m sure. There are a lot of sucky people out there. It’s a shame they can’t put their skills to better use.

It leaves me wondering why now? I rarely get scams like this. We are starting to come out (we hope) of the worst phase of the Pandemic. Do scammers think we will have a natural tendency now that we are starting to feel “optimistic”, to fall for this sort of shit?.

So, naturally, I filled out the form! For email I put in “” For password I put in “FuckOffBastard”. I even had to write in my country! You can’t even call that problem #3. Anyone that gets this far is doomed in the gene pool, presumably natural selection will be running its course very soon. Next step, hit “Submit”.

Guess what. Nothing to see here! I got a nice message saying “Your response has been recorded.” I hope so! I hope someone reads it too!