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Southern Tier - Wed Nov 13, 2019

Day 60

DeFuniak Springs Florida to Marianna Florida


It’s 6am, it’s clear outside, only a very slight breeze. Overnight the temperature dropped. Right now it’s 29 degrees outside. That is cold for Florida, and cold for me as well. I’m starting the day with a long sleeve base layer, a down vest, a down jacket, and a rain shell on the top. On the bottom, cycling bibs, long pants, and two pairs of socks. Yesterday I ended the day very cold, I’m hoping to avoid that today.

End of the day

I ended the day not as cold as yesterday, There was less wind to contend with today, but the temperature was lower. I think the key was less wind. It was a good ride. I took U.S. Hwy. 90 all the way to Marianna. The shoulder was smooth and wide the whole way. Well, almost the whole way. There is no shoulder in the towns. The ride was beautiful, but as is always the case, no time to stop and sight see. I would have liked to visit the library in DeFuniak Springs. It’s on the Nation Historic Register. I learned yesterday that a man owed the city a significant sum of money, he couldn’t pay, so he donated the city is armor collection. The city didn’t know what to do with it, so they put it in the Library. That would have been worth a visit if the library had been open.

I’m experiencing my first Waffle House. It’s what you would expect. It’s an IHOP with emphasis on waffles rather than pancakes. I do like it. This one is small. I’m sitting at the counter and the kitchen is right in front of me. I love restaurants where you can sit and watch the kitchen. If I could have any job outside the field of computer science, it would be a cook (or maybe a bicycle mechanic). It’s hard work, but it would be fun. That doesn’t mean I’m interested in going to work. I don’t think there is any danger I’ll find work to be better than what I’m doing right now.

Currently it’s 42 degrees in Marianna. Much better than this morning’s 29 degrees. Looks like rain might be moving in tomorrow afternoon. My plan is to be in Tallahassee at the end of the day tomorrow. I’ll get an early start in the morning so I can beat as much of the rain as I possibly can.

Oddest thing I saw today was in DeFuniak Springs, The whole town is decorated for Christmas. I have no idea what that is all about.

Miles: 66

Lots of good shoulder riding today.