Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Sat Nov 16, 2019

Day 63

Tallahassee Florida to Madison Florida

The first 30 miles getting out of Tallahassee was one rolling hill after another. That was a surprise. I didn’t expect rolling hills in Florida. Once I got 30 miles out, the terrain became flat again. I have to admit, that was something of a relief.

I stopped for lunch at an old-fashioned meat market. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, then I spotted a man making donuts and that-was-that. I had a glazed, a jelly filled, and a raisin bran muffin. The guy making the donuts was very friendly, and very proud of his creations. After I finished my little snack, he asked me how the raisin bran muffin was. I told him it was excellent, he was pleased.

The next 15 miles was like riding through a park. Each side of the road had a wide strip of grass with trees planted at regular intervals on each side. Each grassy area along side the road was about 30 years wide. The trees were covered with Spanish Moss. Lots of it. I should have taken a picture. Once again I was wrapped up in the motion of cycling and forgot all about the camera I was carrying.

It was another cold day. I was chilled by the time I ended my ride, but the hot shower felt really good. It makes me sleepy but that’s better than being cold. It’s a trade-off for sure. The cold saps your strength. When it’s cold day after day I find the overall effect is cumulative, or maybe I’m just getting worn out. Could be the latter I suppose. I’m finding that my day of rest just yesterday did not give me much of the boost I was hoping it would.

I need to get an early start in the morning since my hotel is 6 miles off-route and I need to back-track to get my day started. That was the plan. While I was writing this I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie in the hotel lobby and chatting with the desk clerk. The desk clerk kept telling me I could change the channel but I was too tired to get up and grab the remote. It’s a slow day at the Best Western here in Madison. (We had a fun time criticizing the plot and the characters.) When I told her I had to leave early and miss breakfast because I needed to back-tracking, she told me to eat breakfast and she would give me a ride back to the route. What a sweet heart.

I have three days remaining on my tour. I’m looking forward to reaching St. Augustine, but it’s also going to feel odd. When I wake up in St. Augustine the day after finishing what am I supposed to do? I don’t have to get on the bike and ride, That is going to take some adjustment. Kind of like going through a type of withdrawal.

Miles: 67

The Spanish Moss is beautiful.