Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Mon Nov 18, 2019

Day 65

Lake City Florida to Orange Park Florida

Some mornings you start your day and you think nothing extraordinary is going to happen today. Much to your surprise, it turns out otherwise. After 16 miles. I saw a cafe that had a sign outside: “Breakfast Sacks.” I have never heard of a Breakfast Sack, so I pulled in to find out what it was. At this place anyway, it’s breakfast in Pita bread. I believe the cafe was operated by a Lebanese couple. I had a Breakfast Sack with 2 eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was very good. The best breakfast I’ve had in days. I thanked the couple and told them how much I enjoyed it.

I got to mile 40 and the temperature had climbed out of the cold zone. I felt comfortable. This was only the third day since leaving East Texas that I was not cold while riding. It was a good feeling. I started the day with two shirts on, a puffy vest, and a wind jacket. I had already lost the vest and now I was taking off one of the shirts. As I was finishing, a pick-up pulled up and the driver got out. He introduced himself as Pat. He is a cyclist himself and he works at the Senior Center in McCleanny. He invited me to lunch as his guest. I figured what the heck, I was ahead of schedule and it was only three miles back to town, so I accepted Pat’s invitation. When I got there Pat took me around and introduced me to all the Seniors having lunch there. It was quite the group, about 30 perhaps. They have lunch every weekday at 11am. Today was meatball subs. I chatted with a dozen or so of the seniors. After lunch, several wanted to look at my bike and ask questions about the trip. Besides Pat, I especially liked Gary, He was very curious about all the aspects of the bike and my travel. I don’t know if I will ever get back to McCleanny, but if I do, I have two friends there waiting for me. Two hours later I was on my way again.

At this point I figured it would just be heads down for the last 40 miles but at mile 55 I was pleasantly surprised when the route turned onto a beautiful 10 mile long paved rail trail. I’ve been impressed with Google Maps as a navigation aid. It puts me on bike trails like that one, and it also does a good job of routing me on streets that have bike lanes. I think Google Maps is a good tool to have in your travel kit.

Tomorrow is the last day of my journey. I’m very excited. I’m going to turn in early so I feel well rested for the last 70 or so miles to St. Augustine.

Miles: 80

Rode a wonderful Rail Trail for 10 miles.