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Southern Tier - Sun Sept 15, 2019

Day 1

San Diego California

The Southern Tier Tour officially begins! The group met to discuss the routine we will follow and we had our first dinner together. Our ride leader prepared the meal for us. Tonight and tomorrow night we will be right here in the Point Loma Hostel. Tomorrow we are only riding 5 miles. We are going to dip our wheels in the Pacific and take a group photo. Then back to the hostel to make any final gear adjustments. I have been assigned to be one of the two cooks for tomorrow night (cook teams consist of two people), which means we are shopping for and preparing dinner, breakfast, and lunch. That is the routine we will follow, with each person getting the assignment to cook about ever four days.

Earlier today I rode out to the Point Loma Light House, a 10 mile round trip from the Hostel. It was a pleasant ride. There is also a National Cemetery on Point Loma which is beautiful. The bike is rolling nicely. It looks like I got it assembled all in good order. Not a huge day today. Things will get interesting on Tuesday.

Miles: 0