Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Mon Sept 16, 2019

Day 2

San Diego California

Today we rode out to the coast from the Hostel. Two and a half miles to the Pacific Ocean. We took a group photo and pushed our bikes through the sand to the ocean. I turned my bike around and let the surf wash up, covering the bottom of the rear wheel, and my shoes. The bike has officially been baptized in the Pacific Ocean. With luck, 66 days from now it will receive its second baptism in the Atlantic Ocean.

After the dip, I spent about 45 minutes cleaning the sand out of the disk brakes, the chain, and the rear cassette. While I was attending to that, I noticed the Ocean Beach public pier. It looked like it might be the west-most location you can get to on a bike if you are in the San Diego area, so I headed out to the end of the pier, where four of my riding companions had already gathered. After the dip, and the visit to the end of the Ocean Beach pier, I think my bike is ready to head east. By the way, the bike is named B-RAD. Tomorrow will be the first of many long days of riding, not counting the occasional rest day we will have.

Miles: 5